Cheap and easy kayak storage!

This easy DIY, courtesy of Team Galaxy, teaches you a simple way to mount your kayak onto the ceiling using a bicycle pulley system. This makes loading your kayak onto your roof rack fast and easy without having to even break a sweat. Winner!

Here's our cheap and easy way to store your kayak:

1.  Buy a bicycle ceiling mount with pulley. For example: this one from Maplin or this other one from Amazon.

To fix it to the ceiling you should follow the instruction manual and make sure the attachment is performed with strong screws and bolts for a safe fitting (these may require replacing). Check the product desciption and purchase one that can cope with the weight of your kayak. 

2. Replace the rope that comes with the kit with a new nylon rope of higher strength (The rope that comes with the kit is not suitable for kayaks, as it is designed for a bike).

3. Use some simple straps to fasten your kayak

4. ¡And up it goes!